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I Complete the Transnet Supplier Code of Conduct form on the following website www. transnet-supplier. Net j Valid IRP 30 exemption certificate k A copy of a recent months EMP 201 form l Declaration that at least 3 employees are on a full time basis m Declaration in terms of 80 of income Failure to submit the above documentation will delay the vendor creation process. Where applicable the respective Transnet Operating Division processing your application may request further information from...
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hi welcome to toilet job dot Co Desiree my name is Paul and I'm going to be teaching you how to apply online using the teller job website from a cell phone or mobile phone but I'm teaching you here a general concept of how to apply online on any website my name is Paul as I said and I am the product manager or the marketing manager and chief software engineer of toilet job okay when you arrive at toilet job dot C or Desiree you're gonna see we made it easy for you you know to actually find youth opportunities fast so you're gonna see options or links these are links the link which you can click and then see opportunities that are irrelevant to in this case here it's written matriculants grade 12 and 2 to n 5 years so if you have my chocolate or grade 12 or and 225 you you simply click this link this blue link to go and see opportunities for matriculants and grade 12 - or n - 2 n 5 youth or if you are a final year student at tertiary university or a t-shirt graduates you can simply click one of these links here this link over here and if you are looking for university batteries you can click over here and so on and so on and so forth when we also have an EFT college final so if you're looking for an EFC you click over here but as for other citerior now let's assume that I'm a cool magic lens coming out from high school looking for an opportunity so what I simply do is I simply using my phone click on this link go to the next page then we can see after we passed all these buttons we see that there is one opportunity closing today these are buttons you can click but mr Sorrell is not about that but I'm just showing you that a glimpse other things any God for opportunities closing tomorrow and you got 56 opportunities closing this month any good one path sorry closing this month but we are not here or about that okay so I passed my adverts these are part adverts and from our sponsors so we can be able to provide this service to you these people show their adverts and so that we can then be able to provide this service to you for free of toilet job dot Co Desiree you can see he and navigation part sins in other words if you want to go to the next two if you want to see the next list of opportunities you simply click Next and so on and then you also see the pattern so search you click there to see all careers irrespective of whether they're for matriculants illogically see all careers okay we see the first careers column which metals production it's a cool but maybe I'm not interested and I also see insurance call center very trusting Wow PETA is popular and it pays well too so and it's a little apprenticeship or Lenin ship which means I'm going to be paid as depend salary while I'm being trained for free and what qualification I'm gonna get is proof by even government so you're not going to be getting any shady from some you know these schools there come in the middle of the night...